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Waterborne acrylic maintenance coatings are a great choice for use in the rigors of the utility or chemical plant site in both exterior and interior applications. The following plants are ideal environments for these coatings; power generation, oil and gas, chemical processing, water processing, and metals and mining.

Besides being less hazardous than typical solvent based coatings, they are quick and easy to apply, low-odor, environmentally friendly, and offer excellent corrosion protection and durability. They are also very versatile for use in overall plant color schemes to support safety, labeling, and branding purposes.

Typical applications include: storage tanks, piping and pipe racks, railings, racking, plant infrastructure, clean rooms, offices, lockers and change-rooms, plant buildings, doors, and shelters.

Consideration should be used in all your coatings selection activies, but special considerations should be made in applications where caustic or corrosive chemicals will come in direct contact with the coating. For these specialized applications it is likely a solvent based coating is the best choice.

To obtain more information about your particular application, select an application that most resembles your project site.


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