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The Paint Quality Institute (PQI) was founded in 1989 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to educate consumers, residential and commercial painting contractors as well as retailers on the advantages of using the highest quality paints. Initially focused in North America, the Institute expanded to Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

In 2005, PQI again expanded its reach. Educational initiatives and fact-based information on Industrial and Maintenance acrylic coatings were added.

PQI continues on its earliest mission of providing non-biased programs for those involved in the development, specification or application of paint and coatings, whether on a small suburban home or a bridge spanning two cities.

About Industrial Acrylic Coatings

Waterborne industrial acrylic coatings are developed very specifically for use in the high performance applications and are formulated differently than a quality "house paint“. Traditional house paints are typically not suitable in an industrial application or environment. When formulated and applied correctly, waterborne industrial acrylic coatings are an excellent choice for Industrial Maintenance painting especially on metal and concrete.


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